Termite Control

Get Termite Protection with our thorough treatments.

Did you know that termites cause over $5 billion in damages every year?  Did you know that termite colonies are actively working 24 hours a day and that most infestations are not found until serious damage has been done?  Because homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, it is imperative that you have one of the credible termite treatment companies like Brickers Termite Control that offer the proper coverage and protection against these invasive pests.

To gain access to a structure, termites usually build mud-like tunnels up the exterior foundation or enter through a bath trap, the area behind a bath tub where the drain goes through the concrete foundation.  To achieve termite prevention against these infestations, a termite-proof barrier is applied around your structure.  This barrier will repel any termites in the ground around your home.  One of the effective materials used for this applications is a chemical called Termidor.


That’s where Brickers can help.

Our trained technicians utilize the most effective and environmentally friendly methods of eliminating termites from your home.  Brickers Termite Control will treat you ethically and fairly in the protection of your home against invading pests and property damaging termite infestations and we stand behind our service with our treatment warranty.  This will give you the security in knowing that your home will be inspected annually and treated as needed for any reoccurrences. The treatment warranty is also transferable when you sell your home.  We will also help provide any education you care to learn regarding the different types of termites such as subterranean,


Termite exterminatorsTermite Treatment Benefits:

  • Pre-Construction & Post Construction Treatments
  • Free Treatment Estimates
  • Control and Protection against Subterranean Termite Infestations
  • Inspections for Real Estate Transactions
  • Annual Inspections with Renewal of Contract

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