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At Brickers Termite Control, our pest control services are more than just spraying. Our services are about listening, convenience, scheduling, responsiveness, accountability and knowledge.

The “Brick Culture” Team performance-based bonuses:

A good pest control services company is like a brick foundation. Good bricks make a good foundation, and good people make a good company. This analogy demonstrates the importance of working together, in partnership, as a team (like bricks in a foundation) to provide great pest control services. In this regard, each and every Brickers employee must “pull his/her own weight” or the quality of the company’s services will crumble. The individual “bricks” of Brickers Termite Control, are its fantastic exterminators and employees. “Our people are the core”; they are the beating heart of Brickers quality pest control services.

By applying the “Brick” culture to pest control services, Brickers has created a strong, consistent and reliable work force, whereby all employees are dependent on each other to maintain the quality of the company’s services. This dynamic team approach encourages trust, compassion, loyalty, and respect.


Brickers Termite Control uses the finest, most effective products and highly trained technicians to solve your pest problems